Career Blade Arkansas: Career Awareness and Preparation System

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Connect Your Business to Your Future Workforce

Career Blade Arkansas provides a way to help excite your future local workforce about the jobs that you will need to fill in the future. Your future workforce is today's students, but if these students do not know about the careers that your business offers, then they will not see themselves working for you in the future.

Career Blade Arkansas helps to solve this problem by getting your careers and your business' name in front of current students. Students work through lessons that introduce exciting aspects of the careers that you employ. At the end of the lessons, students learn about your company and the opportunities that you offer. You also have the opportunity to volunteer to interact with students through being a guest speaker, offering student visits, or many other opportunities.

Local Chambers and businesses across the state are stepping up to identify workforce needs, provide career information, and offer time, talents, and resources to bring careers into classrooms through this platform.

By participating in Career Blade Arkansas, businesses increase the number of students who are aware and have a positive image of local industries and increase the interest of students in becoming trained for future workforce needs of the business.

If you represent a business that wants to be a part of Career Blade Arkansas, please click here to complete the Business Survey and provide information that can be used in the expansion of this resource.